Ocean’s 11, 12, & 13 (2001, 2004, 2007)

I just really love these movies, y’know? I could probably watch a million Ocean’s movies and not be tired of the formula. Heist movies are great, con artist movies are great, and when you get an all-star cast that’s literally just there to stand around and look cool while doing cool things… well, you get a cool movie.

It’s a good break to watch movies that aren’t emotionally or intellectually deep and don’t try or pretend to be, either. We can’t be existential and thoughtful all the time, or at least, nobody would want us to be. So this stuff is nice.

There aren’t big, deep themes to review in the Ocean’s movies. Ocean’s Eleven is about being cool and one-upping an asshole. Ocean’s Twelve is about being cool and beating the asshole and another asshole too. Ocean’s Thirteen is about revenge on another asshole – with the help of the first asshole – while being cool.



From a film perspective, there are a couple really cool things these pictures do.

During montages, they often have a double exposure/overlay effect. So you’re not just watching one montage following one action, but you’re seeing multiple things happen at the same time overlayed on top of each other, in a montage. It’s double the amount of film montage in the same amount of time. This is a creative and interesting way to get more footage through and creates a very unique feel. Imagine if movies were shot like this all the time! It could become a whole new film convention. I’d love that.

They also love showing more than one shot on the screen. Like having multiple windows open, it shows events happening at the same time. You have to dart your eyes around the screen back and forth to follow the events. This again creates an entirely unique experience while watching these movies that you don’t really find in most others. It also emulates the theater experience, where your eyes have to move around the screen due to the size. This creates that theatrical feel even on the smallest of screens. Personally, I’d love to see these techniques used in films more often; I think many others could benefit from this kinda stuff.

Oh, and I love Topher Grace in these. And Oprah Winfrey. Just amazing.