Bridge of Spies (2015)

I saw Bridge of Spies in theaters and enjoyed it quite a bit. Some parts were pretty on-the-nose, but overall it was a good flick. I mean if you get Spielberg, Tom Hanks, and the Coen brothers all together on something – it’s probably gonna be worth watching at the very least.

bridge of spies spielberg hanks

One of the main themes was that people can be honorable in their actions, no matter what their affiliations may be. Staying true to your values, if you believe them to be true, can make you a good person, or at least a person that’s respectable in some way or another.

There was a great sequence that cut between a fighter jet pilot suiting up and taking off, and Tom Hanks as the lawyer fighting in defense of the alleged Soviet spy. To me, that seemed to suggest that there were many ways of serving your country – it was a direct comparison between a soldier going to war, and an attorney fighting in a court of law for a man’s Constitutional rights.

Ironically, they both failed.

I liked how the paintings served as bookends for the film, but I was unsure what significance they had overall.

And, naturally, even with the subject matter of Soviet spies being defensible, everything was so pro-America. I mean, kinda obvious, of course, but I guess I was a little surprised at how blatant it was. Especially the shot of the kids crossing the fence in the healthy USA city vs. the dilapidated foreign town.

Lastly, a part of me was hoping they’d do some really dumb title-drop shot where Tom Hanks was on the eponymous bridge at the end. And he looks down. Snow falling around his feet. He thinks for a moment. “This is the bridge,” he’d say slowly. Then look up, and look directly into the camera. Right into your eyes, and say, “This is the Bridge of Spies.”

Woulda been perfect. Come on, Spielberg.