Juan Francisco Pira Espresso from Coava Coffee Roasters

I am currently drinking my way through this Juan Francisco Pira espresso from Coava Coffee Roasters. I picked it up from the WeHo Coffee Commissary and wow, it’s great!

coava-coffee-espresso-bag-front coava-espresso-bag-side coava-espresso-back

Y’all know I love anything with old-looking maps on it. I’m easy that way, I admit.

These beans were from Guatemala and Coffee Commissary was nice enough to grind them for me. My home espresso machine isn’t really the top of the line and it’s been malfunctioning even more than usual lately, so it’s definitely not the best in terms of creating a great shot. But it still does the trick, and this blend was so flavorful that it shone through with flying colors.


I’m trying new coffee beans every week, and this one was a great start! I’m sure I’ll get more eventually.