Wume, ONO, Champagne Mirrors @ Hideout 11-14-15

I recently saw WumeONO, and Champagne Mirrors in concert at the Hideout Inn! Damn, what a great show.

Unfortunately I only caught the end of Champagne Mirrors, which is a project by Alex Barnett. Shame, because I really enjoyed what I heard.

I started on a mixed drink during ONO. I’d heard of them before but never actually heard their sound. Liked ’em though. It’s rare that I like both the opening acts without any reservations, so this was pretty cool.

Anyway, then Wume came on:

wume playing at hideout

Big fan of their kind of sound, so while I don’t know a ton about the band like on a personal level, I really like the stuff they put out. Went and refilled my glass and the place was getting so packed that I couldn’t get to where I was standing. Good sign though, cool they can fill the place so fast!

wume after ono and champagne mirrors had played

Oof. Great night, great show, even though I always think the Hideout is a little cramped sometimes. Still like the place though.