Grimes @ Metro 11-25-15

The Grimes concert on Tuesday was so good, the next day I went online and found some reseller tickets for probably three times the original amount and bought one for myself for her second and final show in Chicago that very night.


This time, I got there super early. I wasn’t the first, but I was in the first dozen or so in line. I wore a light jacket that I didn’t have to check, which allowed me to skip the Metro’s terrible coat check and their long stupid lines and run right upstairs to the concert hall. I was against the railing in no time. Saw Nicole Dollanganger again:


Of course, assholes were still trying to edge in all around me. The light jacket that had left me shivering outside was now practically overheating me. But I was so close to Claire, it was so worth it!

img_2459 img_2453 img_2429

She was wearing an unusual leg brace on her right lower leg, I have no idea what happened there (still don’t). However she had put interesting tape on it to make it glow nice and neon, so even that detail was overlooked. I love her so much.


It was even better than her first night. God, she was amazing! She kept reaching out to the audience but she could never quite touch my hand, even though she made direct eye contact with me a few times (which was also amazing).

img_2475 img_2447

Love that other neon shoe, too.

After just a couple songs, my phone overheated and shut down, and I couldn’t use it the rest of the night. Ended up being a blessing – without worrying about taking photos or whatever, I could just enjoy my time there with the music so close to her.

Afterwards, I went down to the alley next to the Metro. The artists usually come out and hang or at least say hi, a few hours after the shows. Of course, the antagonistic Metro staff always pretends it never happens and tries to shoo everyone away and treats all their customers like little children – seriously, it’s like being an asshole is a job requirement here – but they at least scare away the more gullible fans. Which isn’t a good thing, but it works out for me, I guess.

I just stand my ground and wait. I’ve met Kevin Barnes of Of Montreal a couple times here, and Kreayshawn once too (even got to go on her tour bus for a sec). Fend off some insults from Metro staff, and then see through their obvious tricks, too. “Oh, Grimes isn’t coming out at all.” “Yeah ok, well I’ll just wait here anyway.” “Oh, actually, Grimes already left, you missed her.” “Yeah ok, I didn’t, but I’ll just wait here anyway.” “Oh, actually, she can’t come out, no time for fans tonight, but if you want to give her stuff we’ll take it back to her.” “Yeah ok, here’s some stuff, but I’ll just wait here anyway.”

Assholes, every one of them.

Finally, after hours, she emerges! And she comes out and runs out to us with a huge smile on her face. She only had a second so I had to choose between getting a photo with her or hugging her. I obviously chose the hug, and she recognized me from the front row eye contact during the show, said a few nice things, and then went on to the seven or eight other fans quick.


What a miraculous night!