Grimes @ Metro 11-24-15

Can’t believe I’m almost a full year late in posting this, but better late than never. I went to see Grimes (Claire Boucher) perform at the Metro Chicago club/concert hall/whatever it pretends to be, back in November of last year. Grimes is one of my favorite musical artists of all time and this concert was absolutely incredible.


So Nicole Dollanganger was up first:


She was cool enough, but not really my type – a little slow, and I didn’t know any songs, and she didn’t seem super adventurous really. But still enjoyable.

Grimes came on right after Nicole though!

img_2258 img_2261 img_2265 img_2269

I took a video of Claire performing one of my favorite songs – Kill V. Maim. She forgot the lyrics at the same place both nights. So adorable.

Oh my god, talk about amazing. Hearing her live was incredible. Of course all the Art Angels stuff she did was great, but I love that she keeps plenty of her older stuff in rotation too, everybody loves it.


We weren’t that close to the front, kind of in the middle, and the Metro isn’t really the greatest place for concerts, so that was a drag. People were also really surprisingly rude, like come on, it’s Grimes, she’s all about good vibes, people! But I guess assholes like her music too. Oh well. It was still an incredible, incredible time.

img_2307 img_2308 img_2305 img_2306 img_2248

In fact, I had such a good time, I went back the next night.