Cold Country @ Hideout 11-19-15

Saw one of my favorite local bands Cold Country at the Hideout. Man, I haven’t been back here in forever, and all of a sudden I’m here twice in a week. But Cold Country is friends.

cold country concert in hideout chicago

It was a pretty sweet show, and it was for a special occasion, too – their EP release. I bought a copy myself and it’s really good. You should buy a copy.

cold country band ep release

The one lame thing was the crowd. I don’t know why, but all these bros were constantly screaming the whole fucking time, I think about the guy on the Korg, maybe he was their friend or something? I don’t know. But these dudes would just not shut up. Kinda ruined part of it. Couldn’t even hear the music sometimes over how loud they conversed during it. Yeesh.

So anyway, that’s Cold Country. Great EP, cool show.