Year Million by Damien Broderick

Technically, Year Million (Atlas & Co, 2008) is only compiled or edited by Damien Broderick; it’s a bunch of essays by other folks.

Let me tell ya, this book is wild. Who ever thinks of the year 1,000,000? I mean come on, it’s 2016 as I write this. We might think of timeframes as far back as a few thousand years to the Ancient Egyptians or whatever. But the year 3000 sounds super futuristic and far off. The year 1000000 is hard to comprehend. It’s 997,984 years away! That’s insane.

And this book writes about it.

year million book damien broderick

“Far Edge of Knowledge” for sure. The stuff in this book blew me away. It’s hard to even make predictions at this scale, but it had to touch on the science behind some prediction making to even justify what it was doing.

I hope I’m still around for the year One Million.