Tom Swift in the Caves of Nuclear Fire by Victor Appleton II

I recently finished Tom Swift in the Caves of Nuclear Fire by Victor Appleton II (a pseudonym, I believe) – 1956, Grosset & Dunlap. Tom Swift is of course a popular old series of books for young boys about the adventures of young inventor Tom Swift. It’s like atompunk, but completely earnest – no punk. Atomearnest.

Grosset & Dunlap is the same publishing company that did Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew (favorites of mine) so it’s in that vein. You can think of it kinda like, if Frank and Joe Hardy were combined into one kid, who wore a lot of spacesuits and did a lot of laboratory science and sometimes even maybe talked to distant advanced alien beings.

Actually I think there were some crossovers so technically aliens exist in the Hardy Boys universe? Ok.

tom swift in the caves of nuclear fire

Wow, exciting dust jacket! And here’s Tom Swift Jr. himself on the hardcover underneath:

tom swift junior hardcover

These old books also have some killer interior cover art and illustrations. I’m a sucker for that kinda stuff, and I wish books still had this.

tom swift caves nuclear fire interior cover art


tom swift caves of nuclear fire interior artwork

Such excitement! It’s so thrilling and action packed. Actually, this book was pretty decent on the scientific method when it tried to be; it was a science thriller for young boys and girls.

I’m not a Tom Swift Jr. fan like I am a Hardy Boys fan, but I’ll certainly read more if I find ’em.