Euclid’s Window by Leonard Mlodinow

Last year, I read this book Euclid’s Window by Leonard Mlodinow (2001, Simon & Schuster). It was basically a history of geometry. I love math and enjoy geometry but don’t really know much of the history of it, beyond what you learn in physics history (which is some, but not focused).

euclids window book by leonard mlodinow

Well, I enjoyed the book, yeah, and it told me more about the history of geometry. But it didn’t really go as deep or as advanced as I was expecting. It definitely felt very high level and a little removed. It also really only focused on Western geometry. Very few mentions of anything from China or the Middle East, and like, come on, I know a lot of important math stuff went down there.

So it wasn’t a bad book, but it wasn’t really the full story, and I feel like I’d prefer a thicker, larger book that went a lot deeper and covered more ground.