Augie and the Green Knight by Zach Weinersmith

I backed Augie and the Green Knight (2015) by Zachary Weinersmith on Kickstarter. It looked like an interesting project and I like SMBC, and I’m obviously rolling in extra money, so why not?

augie and the green knight zach weinersmith

It took a while to get created, but it was worth the wait. It’s a great final product, good paper, good cover, gold leaf edges, green cloth bookmark, and amazing art by Goulet:

augie green knight art

I liked it quite a bit, but it didn’t quite feel finished to me. I feel like it could’ve used another few rounds of revisions and a little better structuring. It definitely felt like a fifth or sixth draft when nine would’ve made it perfect.

That being said, it was still very good. Cutesy science references that would’ve been annoying had they not been in character for Augie. A neat fairy tale. Overall I would recommend this to friends. And I have!