Fritz Cabernet Sauvignon – Vintage 2010

I had the beautiful Fritz Cabernet Sauvignon for New Years Eve. I am actually still having this the day after. Right now. As I write this.

It’s delicious.

fritz cabernet sauvignon vintage 2010 wine

I’m not one to describe wine in all sorts of flowery terms, and honesty I can tolerate the really cheap shit without much of an issue. That being said, I’ve had my fair share of fine wines too, so I like to think I have a vague inkling of what tastes good, even though I wouldn’t know where to begin on how to describe it.

This is definitely a good one, though. It’s dark, deep, has an amazing lingering taste, and hits you just enough to be interesting without being offensive. This is absolutely one of the better wines I’ve purchased for myself.

Looking up the official specs on this, I’m glad to see I’m in the same line of thought. This is my first bottle ever from Fritz Underground Winery, but I’ll definitely look out for them in the future.

Let’s be real, I bought this in part because of the birds:

fritz cab wine birds logo

If the packaging works, it works, y’know? But really. It’s a brilliant cab.