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Welcome to my Media Journal. This is my log of the various items I consume – books, movies, TV, music, concerts, and whatever else. While coffee and alcohol aren’t really “media”, I’m including beer, wine, liquor, and espresso here too, just because.

reading a book

This whole thing is solely for my own pleasure. I like keeping track of what I see and experience, and I like having a space to write about it sometimes too. I’m not trying to rank anything here, I don’t care about traffic, please do not come on here and tell me I’m failing at SEO, because that’s not the point of this at all.

You may find that I’ve written a nice review of something – especially in the older posts, as they’re from the past when I was expressly trying to do just that. You may also find I’ve written a longer, thoughtful essay on something, although that won’t happen as often. I’ll probably just write a few lines of notes. Don’t have any expectations one way or the other here.

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This part of my website uses the same privacy policy, terms and conditions of use/service, disclaimer, etc. as the rest of ethanjhulbert.org. If you find anything on here that is your intellectual property and wish for me to remove it, no problem – contact me here and I’ll get it done straightaway. Thanks!