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I built a fully functional computer from literal trash. Almost all of the circuitry and components were found next to dumpsters or behind buildings sitting in the alley. Foundations When I was a kid, sometime in elementary school, my school was getting rid of a lot of it's old computers. There were rows of them just lining the walls down the hallways, I remember it vividly. Dozens of Mac IIs, some with mis-matched parts, ...


October 21, 2015

My X-Rays

front xrays 2015 oct

Last Updated: July 2018. I think x-rays are so cool. I'll never get tired of seeing my own bones and all the other stuff hangin' round in my body. Call me introspective if you will, but I always like to look inside myself. In the last couple years, I've gotten in the habit of asking for digital copies of any x-rays that doctors and dentists take of me. Everyone's always been very nice and agreed instantly! In a way it's ...


there i am in brittany lee moffitts summerwind music video!

A couple months ago, Katie and I got to be extras in my friend Brittany Lee Moffitt's music video! The song is called Summerwind, and it's on her new album, Acceptance. It's a great album - we saw her perform some songs from it at a concert recently as well. I'm in this video from about 0:28 through 0:36, I'm one of the folks coming from the direction of the camera that bumps into her. Katie comes right after me. But ...